Book Reveals, Teasers or Trailers

A few samples to show different levels of animation, and the variety of formats.

Dead Man's Sins by Caimh McDonnell

The Dublin Trilogy by Caimh McDonnell

Stranger Times by Caimh McDonnell

By the way, this is a great series of crime capers with laugh-out-loud humour. I enjoyed learning about these books while I created the animation - so much so that Caimh found himself yet another dedicated reader. Me!

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A Double Agent by Eva Hudson

Fresh Doubt by Eva Hudson

A stunning 'Jack Reacher' thriller from bestselling author, Eva Hudson. I had great fun working on this video, adapting the cover image to recreate the atmospheric gloom of London.

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The Dead Daughter by Thomas Fincham

A haunting crime novel from bestselling author, Thomas Fincham.

The cover (like the story itself) has a great deal of depth and mystery which we aimed to emulate in the animation.

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Got a picture book?

We can also animate elements from inside and create a teaser/trailer featuring your illustrations, like these examples from the brilliant Once Upon a Dance books.

Princess Naomi Helps

Joey Finds His Jump

Bespoke Reveals, Teasers or Trailers, starting at  £59

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