Narrated Extracts

Now you can introduce new readers to your story...

Let them hear the opening scene!

You can record yourself reading the story, or let us provide a narrator that fits the style of your work*.

We will incorporate images from your book or source suitable ones to add meaning to the narration.

We've found these videos to be very successful on Social Media and on YouTube.

*We use for pitch perfect narration

A voice can bring your story to life

Narrated Extracts start at £40

The video includes narrated elements, licensed video material and images, sound effects and a
final Call To Action with your book - all as standard.

Longer animated videos can be created - ask for a detailed quotation.

This vertical format is ideal for TikTok, Instagram or YouTube shorts!

Here's an alternative example with spoken text.

This one is a promotional video for an upcoming book.

On-screen credit to IrontreeMedia is not a requirement.

Exactly How Much Does it Cost?

Spoken Narration added to an existing Video Trailer order,
is just £9.

A Narrated Extract is £40 for the first two minutes, and then £2 per minute.

Sound effects and music are included.

Narration without video (as an audio book) is £98 per finished hour.

Sound effects and music are included.

Multi-voice cast (radio play) is an optional extra.

Here's an alternative example without the spoken text appearing on the screen.

This one is for Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting of Hill House".

As before, on-screen credit to IrontreeMedia is not a requirement.

Narrated Extracts start at £40

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