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Book Reveals, Teaser & Trailers

mp4 with music and sound FX

Animated Book Covers

Scroll-stopping animation to draw in your audience

mp4 or GIFs

You want the right mix of wow and subtle

You want scroll-stopping Social Media Content

There is so much content on Facebook that only the really eye-catching gets anyone's attention.

The movement in a good animated cover disrupts people's attention and draws them towards your book

You want meaningful, subtle animation that adds rather than detracts.

Subtle enough to 'catch the eye', good animation develops the existing story that is already in the cover imagery.

Good animation draws readers to your book by adding a sense of intrigue, or by opening up story elements to entice new audiences to stop... to pause... to read your ad copy!

Hey look, Ma, I made it snow!

It's easy to add falling flakes, wisps of smoke or dancing lights to an image...
if that's right for your book then that's fine

98% of the time though, it's not really what you want.

Pointless movement, added 'just because you can'

Bespoke movement, adds to the story and engages potential readers

You want Template-free, Personalised Animation.

Real, meaningful, story elements have to be hand created.

Here, at Irontree, I create bespoke, looping animated book cover GIFs (as on this page), and videos. Videos can be much larger, and can include additional features, such as sound. 

I also create bespoke Book Cover Reveals or Book Teaser videos.

Working to your specifications and with your existing artwork and text, I create stunning, scroll-stopping animated images that are perfect for bringing in fresh readers.

You want all of this at a fair price.

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