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All our covers have been specificially created to match the genre.

The covers have all been designed to grab attention as a thumbnail, and to work equally well full size.

All images and fonts are licenced, so you can relax

We charge a very sensible price. So you can relax some more!

4 Key Features of Irontree eBook Covers

...and while you are relaxing you can purchase the cover you like.

Then, we contact you and arrange to make all the necessary changes to the title, hook and author.

Everything is included!

Low cost doesn't mean low quality.

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our covers range in price from £16 to a maximum of £36

Questions / Answers?

Yes. These are the real prices. 

Yes. The decimal point is in the right place!

No. There are no hidden extras.

Yes. The images and fonts are fully licenced.

Yes. It does include all changes to the title, hook-line, author and (if needed) colours too.

No. There is no catch. We can offer the eBook covers for a good honest price because they are eBook covers (1800px by 2880px), perfect for screen devices, but not a suitable resolution for print. We don't do print, and we don't do 'wrap-around-covers'. This service is quite specific - designed for those authors who quickly need a compelling, genre accurate eBook cover for their novel or novella.

Genres? Our current focus has been Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Mystery... but we are adding more.

Finally... you may want to see the full selection, or make a purchase straight away...

If that's the case I am very honoured - but the 'store' isn't operating just yet. Can you wait?

The Irontree eBook Cover Store opens on 21st October 2022!

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