Looking for Eye-catching Media for your Book?


Attention grabbing movement

Full video production


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Our animated book covers give you the right mix of wow and subtle

There is so much content online that only the really eye-catching gets noticed.

The movement in a good animated cover disrupts people's attention and draws them towards your book

A great cover is the key to catching reader's attention.

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression... so, make sure your first impression really moves them!

You want meaningful animation that adds rather than detracts.

It's easy to add fluttering hair, falling flakes, wisps of smoke or dancing lights to an image...

If that's right for your book then that's fine.

98% of the time though, it's not really what you want!

Pointless movement, added 'just because you can'

Real movement, adds to the story and engages potential readers

At Irontree we offer Template-free, Personalised Animation.

Real, meaningful, story elements have to be hand created.

I create bespoke, looping animated book cover GIFs (as on this page), and videos. Videos can be much larger, and can include additional features, such as sound. 

I also create bespoke Book Cover Reveals and Book Teaser videos.

Working to your specifications and with your existing artwork and text, I create stunning, scroll-stopping animated images that are perfect for bringing in fresh readers.

Irontree Animation Packages.

single cover

Works anywhere, easy to add to Social Media and/or your own website.


  • Animated with elements of your cover
  • Self-repeating animation
  • 6-10 seconds
  • Multiple resolutions
  • Mp4 and/or GIF
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Revisions included


In the first instance check my availability, and book your spot now!

Animated covers are usually completed within 4-5 days. Full video preparation (for teasers and trailers) can take 10-20 days depending on the complexity.


I offer 25% discount for multiple covers booked at the same time.


3D COVER : £3

Include a separate 3D cover version (featuring the same animation).  


Add licensed music and appropriate sound effects to create a 15-20 immersive video experience.

One last point worthy of note.

Look at the animation for 'Dragon Found':

We've got lovely hair waving in the wind - easy! 

But... the dragon's wing behind the hair isn't moving - much more tricky!

Look at the dragon: eyes open, jaws snap, the last dregs of smoke flurry out! Oh, have you spotted his stomach? Yeah, that's because he's breathing!

All of this was created from the original 'flat' cover image - you don't need layers for the magic to happen.

So, if all you have is a flat cover, here at Irontree,
I can still find the magic for you.


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