Book Trailers, Teasers and Cover Reveals.

Book Trailers need catch attention, and draw potential readers in to your characters' world. At Irontree, I do this by using your cover art to tell a story.

Animated Covers.

A good animated cover should attract attention for all the right reasons!

At Irontree, I offer animation that gives you the right mix of wow and subtle. It is one of the most economical ways of being 100% certain your book will get seen.

John is simply amazing to work with. He takes a brief, runs with it and delivers eye-catching trailers that deliver results. 

From initial concept to the execution, John’s creativity never fails to astound. We’ve worked with him on a number of projects and we‘ll keep coming back to him for more! 

I’d highly recommend him.

Elaine Ofori, McFori Ink

There is so much content online that only the really eye-catching gets noticed.

The movement in a good video cover disrupts people's attention and draws them into your story

A great cover is the key to catching reader's attention.

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression... so, make sure your first impression really moves them!

I love working with John for my book trailers and videos. He has a great eye for what will work and what won't, and also isn't afraid to make suggestions which ultimately improve my initial ideas. 

The quality of his work is top class and I always look forward to seeing that first draft of something new - knowing that I'll be impressed! I've used the videos John has made for advertisements, book launches and other promotions, and they have always improved the outcome of whatever I'm trying to achieve.

Glen Blackwell

You want meaningful animation that adds rather than detracts.

It's so very easy to add fluttering hair, falling flakes, wisps of smoke or dancing lights to an image...

If that's right for your book then that's fine.

98% of the time though, it's not really what you want!

Pointless movement, added 'just because you can'

Real movement, adds to the story and engages potential readers

At Irontree, I offer Template-free, Personalised Animation.

Real, meaningful, story elements - individually created.

I create bespoke, looping animated book cover GIFs (as on this page), and videos. Videos can be much larger, and can include additional features, such as sound. 

I also create bespoke Book Cover Reveals and Book Teaser videos.

Working to your specifications and with your existing artwork and text, I create stunning, scroll-stopping animated images that are perfect for bringing in fresh readers.

Working with IronTree media was a breeze. I was looking for an innovative, bespoke book trailer that brought the cover to life in a clever way. John delivered in spades. His work captured the essence of the story, distilling it down to a 21 second trailer that conveys the genre, tone, and style of the book perfectly. It had an immediate impact when shared on social media, racking up organic views and sending traffic straight to the book sales page.

When used as part of my pay-per-click ads, it’s delivered affordable, high-quality, targeted traffic that helped propel Murdered by the Mob up the charts. John’s work is slick, professional, and outstanding value for money.

Sean Campbell

One last point worthy of note.

Look at the animation for 'Dragon Found':

We've got lovely hair waving in the wind - easy! 

But... the dragon's wing behind the hair isn't moving - much more tricky!

Look at the dragon: eyes open, jaws snap, the last dregs of smoke flurry out! Oh, have you spotted his stomach? Yeah, that's because he's breathing!

All of this was created from the original 'flat' cover image - you don't need layers for the magic to happen.

So, if all you have is a flat cover, here at IrontreeI can still find the magic for you.


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